Posted by: Steve Lappin Broker/Realtors ABR | November 30, 2015

Preparation For Natural Disasters

It is impossible to prevent natural disasters, but how you respond can make all the difference.. One way to do that is to put together an emergency preparedness kit.
Here are some things you should have in your kit:
Water: Set aside one gallon per person (per day) for three days. Bottled water is best, but storing tap water in sanitized two liter soda bottles is acceptable. Don’t forget to have water for your pets.
Food: Set aside three days worth of non-perishable items. (Don’t forget the can opener!) Pack plenty of protein, fruit, and veggies. Cereal bars and trail mix are good to store as treats. If you have certain medical needs that require special foods, find non-perishable versions to set aside. If that is not possible, invest in a Food Saver that vacuums seals the food. This will keep food safe up to a year! Use pest proof containers and keep in a cool dry place. Again, don’t forget your pets!
Flashlights and Batteries: Have extra flashlights and batteries set aside in your kit. You can also buy battery operated lanterns from a camping supply store. Don’t forget a battery operated radio! Matches
First Aid Supplies: You can purchase a first aid kit at your local drug store.
Here are some items you can put in your first aid kit:
Antibiotic ointment
Burn ointment
Eye wash
Band-Aids and bandages
Pain relievers such as aspirin or NSAIDS
Hygiene: Here are some suggestions:
• Shampoo/soap/deodorant
• Toothpaste/toothbrushes
• Paper towels
• Garbage bags
• Laundry soap/dish soap (you can find smaller or trials sizes)
Extra Items: These items can also be helpful:
• Plastic sheeting/duct tape/dust mask
• Kids toys (just a few to help comfort your child)
• Cash (save it just for your kit!) At least 100 dollars in small bills
• Cast iron cookware in case you need to cook over an outside fire
Use a permanent marker to date your food and water and any other items that have an expiration date. Update your kit as personal and/or seasonal needs change. Don’t forget to have physical and digital copies of homeowners insurance, car insurance, medical records, social security cards, etc.
Click on these links to the FEMA website for more helpful tips:
For those of you in wildfire prone areas:


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