Posted by: Steve Lappin Broker/Realtors ABR | April 6, 2016

Your Home – April Showers

Usually, the saying ‘April showers, May flowers’ refers to the weather. In this case, April showers will be used to encourage you to focus on your water conservation efforts during the month of April. As you’ve likely heard, water conservation efforts in the US have been increasing over recent years due to increasing population and decreasing usable water supply. Because of current water conservation effort, it is important for each person to be aware of and responsible for their own personal water conservation efforts. According to Kurunthachalam (2014), below are some stats about water usage in the US:

  • Toilets use the most water on a daily basis (20.1 gallons per person per day)
  • Clothes washers were the second largest water users (15 gallons per person per day)
  • Showers use the third most water (13.3 gallons per person day)Because of the importance of water conservation, below are a couple of tips to help you cut back on your daily water usage:
  • Turn off faucets while brushing your teeth
  • Make sure your water heater works properly to reduce the ‘water-warming’ period
  • Don’t flush as much (If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down).
  • Check faucets and pipes for leaks
  • Limit your showers to 5mins (or turn on some music and limit your showers to the length of 1 song)
  • Water your lawn sparingly.
  • An alternative to lawn-watering is replacing traditional grass lawns with grass alternatives, succulents (which require less water), a garden (which requires water but also doubles as a food source), or even using cobblestones or paving parts of your lawn.
  • Wash dishes by hand
    These are just a few suggestions to get you on the road to water conservation, there are many other options available to help you reduce your water usage. Explore these options and find additional ideas to see what works for your family and your lifestyle.


Finances – Multiple Sources of Income

One thing that just about everyone knows is that with life comes unexpected events. Though you may feel as though your job is secure, things can happen to decrease that security. Layoffs, downsizing and being ‘let go’ can all be difficult times – especially when your job is your main or only source of income. Because unexpected events can occur, it is important to have a backup plan. Below are 5 reasons that having an additional source of income is important

1. Risk Reduction – when you have multiple sources of income, it helps you to reduce the risk of being ‘underwater’ if one of those sources fails

2. Emergency Fund – an additional source of income can help you prepare for unexpected events that can and will happen

3. Preparation for the Future – whatever the future holds, you’ll likely need money for it. Having a primary income and additional sources of income can help you save money for the future. If your primary income allows you to pay bills and live on a daily basis, an additional source of income allows you to have income that you don’t have to use right away and can put away for future instances.

4. Utilize Passion / Expertise – your additional source of income can be anything you’d like it to be – from renting an apartment complex, writing short stories or making jewelry – the important thing is that it provide an outlet for you to utilize your skills and create an additional source of income. Because most of us spend a large amount of our day working for someone else, most people do not want to go home and try to make extra money doing something they hate. Considering this, it is a double benefit if your additional source of income is also something you enjoy doing!


Personal Interest – Summer Vacation

In today’s society, we put so much effort into work/careers that many of us forget to enjoy life. A great way to enjoy life is to take a vacation. Most people that work a full-time job accrue vacation time, however, many of those people do not utilize their accrued vacation time. Vacations, can be an important element to maintaining and improving productivity throughout the year. Vacations can provide a break and sense of renewal that relieves stress in ways that should not be overlooked. Below are some benefits to vacations:

  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased chance of burnout
  • Increased family interactions/communication
  • Decrease stress

·  Ability to enjoy the ‘fruits of your labor’
A deterrent from taking a vacation is that people often think that it can be costly. While the cost of vacation can add up, you can also limit your expenses for a vacation, as well.

To reduce the cost of your vacation, plan early – start now! Start looking into places you’d like to visit and then narrow down your location. The earlier you start to your trip, the more savings you can expects. Last minute bookings often tend to cost more. The earlier you start to plan your trip, the more you can shop around for the best prices and value. Another great cost-saving tip is to utilize online booking sites that tend to offer discounted vacation packages – there are a number of these types of sites around. Ask neighbors, family and friends if they have any suggestions.


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