Posted by: Steve Lappin Broker/Realtors ABR | January 20, 2019

Building a New Home or buying an Inventory Home


There are many reasons to have a buyer’s agent when building a new home and making a new construction purchase. Above all else, you need an experienced professional who is working for your needs and who can help you find the right home at the lowest price. This is the role of a buyer’s agent.

1. It’s free. Buyer’s agent representation is often free. The builder pays a real estate agent a commission for representing the buyers. Builders charge the same price for a house regardless of whether or not you use an agent. The agent’s commission comes out of the builder’s bottom line and does not affect your purchase price.

2. You need representation. The buyer’s agent is your representation. Remember that the site agent represents the builder/developer. There is a listing contract in place that specifies the agent’s duties and the commission paid by the builder. The site agent is legally bound to represent the best interests of the builder, not the home buyer. Because of this, buyers need their own representation.

3. Better negotiations. Real estate agents are professional negotiators. An experienced buyer’s agent knows how to present requests and negotiate deals. With an agent, you have someone in your corner guiding you through the builder’s contract. A buyer’s agent can save a deal and be a peacemaker, acting as a buffer between the buyer and the builder. ESPECIALLY WHEN DECIDING ON UPGRADES.
4. Save time and money. An experienced buyer’s agent saves you time. Using a buyer’s agent when building a new home is smart. Home purchase and construction can be a very complicated process. Your agent knows all the ins and outs of the process. An agent can help you save money by knowing when and where to find the best deals. They have access to information that shows comparable sales so you do not overpay for a home.

5. Know all your options. A buyer’s agent will help you compare new construction versus existing homes. Most communities that are selling new construction homes also have pre-owned resale homes for sale. The salesman working for the builder can only show you the new homes. You don’t have to be limited to new construction. The resale market sometimes has more choices at better prices. There may be another home in the same or a nearby community that better suits your needs and lifestyle. Agents will help you explore all of your options before you make your final decision.

6. Accountability. A buyer’s agent mak

es builders more accountable. Just as the builder has professionals working for them, you need a professional working for you. An experienced buyer’s agent is trained to get all terms in writing so there are no disputes later on at closing time.

7. Be there when you can’t. A good buyer’s agent will routinely visit the home site throughout the entire building process. They will take pictures, update you of progress, keep an eye out for errors, and communicate with the onsite agent and construction manager. This helps alleviate unnecessary problems and/or delays.

8.The bottom line. A buyer’s agent works for YOU. It is our job to find you the best home at the best price, look out for your best interests, and help you navigate the complicated process of buying a new construction home.

We are here for you……!

Steve Lappin Broker/ABA
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